DPS Powderworks Pagoda Tour 124 Lotus

DPS Powderworks Pagoda Tour 124 Lotus

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Product Description

Limited Powderworks Creations

Powderworks skis represent a space that allows for cutting-edge creativity, progressive shapes, and experimental R+D efforts. Unrestrained by traditional ski construction, these designs are born from a fleeting moment on a memorable chairlift ride—then slowly brought to life in the R+D lab beginning that very evening. A small batch of Powderworks monikered skis are built every year for core members of skiing’s culture, whose lives revolve around their next epic powder turn.



Crisp bluebird mornings that follow a blanket of fresh snow have a way of opening up the possibilities of the mountains to a well-seasoned powder hound. Suddenly those far-fetched pillow stacks and spine lines of imagination start to look a lot more like reality with more snow to fill the gaps. It's specifically for these infrequent and extraordinary mornings that we developed the Powderworks Tour Lotus 124 to assist in capturing these fantastic features. 

As a member of our Pagoda Tour family, this iteration of the Lotus shines its brightest in human-powered scenarios. The Pagoda Tour core utilizes aerospace grade foam and three wood species to achieve a featherweight feel that quickly ascends to the farthest reaching zones that often tend to be the most rewarding. The low weight makes it approachable to enjoy as many laps as possible, which will surely be desired thanks to the damp and stable feel the high-performance laminate achieves once you get to the fun part of the tour. 

The benefits of a wide-waisted ski are immediately evident in properly deep conditions, but what separates a great powder ski from a good one is how it handles when conditions change on a dime. This Lotus shape provides versatility for mixed conditions thanks to its balanced 23m turn radius, which allows for much tighter turns than a 124mm-waisted ski would typically allow. This is especially useful for navigating tight trees at the mouth of the trailhead, or even maneuvering chopped up terrain on the occasional resort day. The even-handed flex pattern is paired with generous tip and tail rocker that supplies unmatched powder-planing performance when leaning into powerful carves in waist-deep fields of chest-deep snow.  

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192 cm
23 m
2100 g
186 cm
23 m
1950 g



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