Dynafit Radical Pro boots

Radical Pro boots

Dynafit Radical Pro boots

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Product Description

With its Hoji Lock System, the new Radical PRO ski touring boot combines 60 degrees of freedom of movement with comfort and uncompromising downhill performance at a level only known prior with freeride boots.

  • Weight: 1380 g
  • Last Width: 103,5 mm
  • Best For: Allround Usage, Uphill/Downill Performance


  • Microregulation for Precise Adjustment
  • Ultra Lock Strap
  • Flex 120
  • Progressive Forward Flex
  • Safety Lock Buckles


  • Shell: Grilamid¬Æ
  • Cuff: Grilamid¬Æ Loaded with Glass Fibers



The Radical Pro ski touring boot for men features the revolutionary Hoji Lock System and is an impressive all-rounder with uncompromising performance both uphill and down. The boot combines the seemingly contradictory worlds of freedom of movement on the ascent and rigidity for the downhill. In walk mode, the cuff and shell are separated from each other to be able to climb efficiently with a 60-degree cuff rotation for unrestricted, resistance-free mobility. Its low weight of 1,380 g (size 26.5) and a flexible tongue construction made of two different high-tech synthetics ensures an energy-saving, natural walking movement even on steep terrain. The new thermo-moldable boot liner (optional) offers stability and comfort with a perfect fit right out of the box. With these on, you will be ready to tackle long tours with many meters of climbing. “One move to switch:” Once at the summit, the Radical Pro becomes a sturdy downhiller with top power transfer, thanks to the one-hand handling for the patented Hoji Lock System. In ski mode, the boot is set in a forward lean angle of 11 degrees. The ski-walk system’s mechanism is integrated into a cable system together with the buckles and the Ultra Lock Strap. Flip the lever and the system is tensioned. Cuff and shell combine to create a positively locked unit that transforms the revolutionary ski-walk system into one unit totally without play. A unique feature on the market for precision and efficient skiing of the highest level that was normally seen only in purebred Alpine ski boots. The Ultra Lock Strap and three micro-adjustable buckles allow the foot to be firmly and ideally positioned. That gives a flex index of 120 even on challenging downhill terrain, lending all-around impressive downhill performance on skis. In addition, the Pro Driving Spoiler increases downhill performance. The new Radical Pro is compatible with all pin, hybrid and alpine bindings. Made of premium Grilamid, the entire boot is manufactured in Italy. Radical Pro ski touring boot – Either-or is so yesterday.



Ask a Question
  • I currently wear a Dalbello Lupo Air 130, and want something more touring orientated and lighter. I am not a powerful skier per se, but I am larger at 190 lbs plus pack. I only ski toured this past year. These boots sound amazing but the last is quite a bit wider than the Dalbello. Would that make them a terrible option for me?

    Hi Adam, thanks for your question. As someone who has the Dalbello Krypton, with a similar last to the Lupo Air, hopefully I can comment on the differences between the boots. The Radical Pro is certainly wider, squarer and deeper in the forefoot and toe box compared to the Dalbello. The rear foot, ankle and heel are fairly similar as the Radical Pro tapers to hold this part of the foot well.
    The main difference you would notice would be that the Radical Pro uses a much lighter and less supportive liner. This enables it to achieve a low weight and fantastic range of motion uphill however downhill support and stiffness will be slightly compromised. Given the fact that you are touring exclusively, I could recommend this boot, possibly with the addition of an Intuition or similar aftermarket liner to give the additional support you currently enjoy. The shell design, especially the Hoji Lock should mean you'll have no problem driving big skis, wearing a large pack or putting in long days. Alternatively, you could consider the Hoji Free 130 which has a lower volume last (narrower forefoot - certainly narrower than the stated 102mm, lower instep). This boot is only marginally heavier, has the same Hoji Lock mechanism, an upgraded power strap and a slightly stiffer Sidas liner as stock. Hopefully this is helpful as a guide, obviously if we could do a foot assessment, I could give you a more tailored recommendation.

  • Does the Radical Pro use the same liner as last years Hoji Pro Tour?

    Hello, thanks for the question. Dynafit uses a different liner in the Radical pro boot. I took some pictures for you to see the difference. On the left we have Radical Pro and on the right Hoji Pro Tour.